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The families involved with Mackinnon Parade Childrens Centre (MPCC) are our number one priority. It is crucial that parents have confidence in the care and learning their children experience. We openly encourage feedback (good and bad) to further improve what we can offer the little community members of MPCC.
We pride ourselves on the positive feedback our families provide: 

"I just wanted to say how much we love the Monkey Room.

We are getting to know Harpreet who is such a great caring leader. She is so warm and friendly and look forward to her weekly & monthyly activities.And even though Crestina was new (last year) and has been away for a while we haven't forgotten her, we hear her sing sometimes when we walk through the doors and the squeals from all the kids (and smile on Henri's face) shows how liked she is.

Rowena, or 'Weena' as Henri and every other kid calls her, is just a star. We love her musicality and her vibrancy. She's so loved by all the kids. Thank you for keeping her
!!!!!We are so happy to have Dita in the Monkey Room now, she is currently observing Henri and we look forward to her report. Her initiation with observing through her studies and reaching out to the families is just a testament on how dedicated she is. She is so caring and fun and we are so happy to see her smiling face.

And Denisa, what a warm and nurturing person and a great educator. Henri loves her, even though he can't say her name properly. I look forward to the days she's at work.

We love Brooke and Henri has named a chicken (in a book) after her!!! Thank you for putting her jn the Monkey Room!!

We feel so lucky to have such an incredible team in the Monkey Room looking after our son.

Thank you to you all, Nikki, Rachel and Kerri-Lee for looking after all the kids and families so well, especially during this strange time. (*COVID-19*)

With kind regards" Sofie and Man-Yung

"MPCC has been an amazing support for our family, especially with my son's introduction to childcare and most recently, during an extended hospitalisation of a family member. The management and staff are very friendly, dedicated, caring and provide quality care and a rich educational environment. They have a strong focus on child attachment and development and respect parent values and input. My son loves the excursions and visitors to the centre eg. 'Tony - cool for kids'. The homemade healthy meals are always a hit. We feel up to date and informed about the activities at the centre through the friendly staff at drop off / pick up and the weekly newsletters."   - Emma Evans

"Hi team,

Just a quick note to say how truly impressive I think your Centre is, and to provide some specific feedback regarding my recent visit to the preschool room.


I came in with Louise for her reintegration visit on Monday and Tuesday of this week. It was such a terrific experience that I wanted to let you know how blown away I was, and thankful for the work you guys do.

All of the carers were so genuinely interested in Louise and her wellbeing - she was asked by at least two carers about things of importance to her (how is Baron the dog, and Dirty Pink bunny, and I know Paloma even read a story to Dirty Pink). The program of activities was so engaging, with the Kaurna acknowledgement, the clean up activities, the Spanish songs and the fun way in which the carers organised for the children to wash their hands! But the most amazing part was watching the children serenely and politely sharing fruit, using tongs, and then cleaning up after themselves! It was a moment I won’t forget (or quite believe!).

Thank you Nikki and team for the exceptional work that you do in providing a first class, engaging learning environment for our children.

I will be sad when it comes time to leave." - Fiona and Nick

"Just wanted to sing the praises of the Caterpillar Room educators. Tom and I are really happy with how well they care for Xavier. He really loves being there and often doesn't want to leave! They have made my return to work much easier. They were also wonderful for his birthday and the cake was incredible as well.

Thanks again to your amazing team at MPCC!"   - Rachel Hamper

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your staff for all the hard work over the year. Many times in our industry we tend to receive negative feedback or emails. Please know that we value each and everyone within the centre and the role you have all played in shaping Dion to be the little boy he is today.


When I reflect back on our decision to commence Dion at Mackinnon Parade, I was quite apprehensive (being a first time mum & control freak!!). You and your staff have been absolutely amazing over the past two years. I have shared Dion's learning portfolio with many people and they too are amazed at the work you all do.


My son has developed into a confident and resilient little boy because of the programs and experiences you offer. 


Thank you " - Daniela Piteo

"My eldest child started at MPCC in January 2012 (she was 7 months old), my youngest in August 2013 (also 7 months old). 

Over that time, the service has been exceptional. From the early days when I was the one crying at drop off, to the stages of separation anxiety for my kids, to days where they forget about me as soon as we enter the room; the team at MPCC have been completely welcoming and supportive of my family. My girls love their educators dearly and while the drop off can be a bit iffy somedays, they're always smiling and playing with their friends at pick up and it can take 15 min to tear them away from their friends.


Through MPCC I have had the added joy of watching my girls and their friends grow into caring little people under the guidance of the team, I believe that consistency in peers is as important as consistency in care for these little people and the excellence in service at MPCC ensures that families stay until their kids are ready to start school."  - Katie Lowe

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