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Our families

At Mackinnon Parade Children’s Centre, we believe in strong partnerships. We establish partnerships with families upon enrolment, encouraging families to become a part of the Mackinnon Parade community. We achieve this through relaxed, respectful and reciprocal relationships, strengthened by shared understanding and collaboration regarding the early education and care of our children. We believe families are children’s first and most influential teachers and build trust and support with and for the entire family unit.

Our children

We are driven to provide children with opportunities to explore who they are, with a focus on identity and wellbeing. Autonomy and agency are extremely important to us, children are involved in all aspects of decision making at our service. We view children as capable and competent and promote learning with the environment as the third teacher

Our Environment

Our learning environment is historical, natural, and provides a multitude of opportunities for play, collaboration and building relationships. We believe in open ended materials, reuse, recycle and repurpose resources and materials for children’s play and learning.

Our programs

Children are empowered to drive their own learning and educators are co-contributors to a child-led emergent curriculum that is meaningful. Our educators look for opportunities to extend children’s learning not only through formal, planned experiences, but in the ordinary; routines, relationships, and everyday interactions.

Our Educators

Our educators are passionate, driven and empowered with a willingness to go above and beyond to support children and families in their early education journey.  Our team understand and work within all frameworks that underpin a quality service, and do so with warmth, empathy, humility, and reflection. We continuously strive for excellence in early childhood education. We are a community of learners, guided by reflective practice and share our knowledge and skills in order to provide a high-quality early learning service to our community.

Our community

We promote partnerships and connection with the wider community, ensuring our children have the opportunity to be a part of their community, be seen, heard and active citizens.

Here at Mackinnon Parade Children’s Centre, we always promote and advocate for the best interests of children, and see ourselves as co-researchers and co-learners, providing learning spaces igniting awe and wonder and embracing childhood.

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