Mackinnon Parade Children’s Centre prides itself on community participation. Our Centre is reflective of relevant governance. Nonetheless, our relationships are fundamentally forming a strong foundation for our practices and partnerships.


Families and Communities

  • We believe families are the experts in relation to their child's learning and wellbeing.

  • Effective relationships will be developed that build on trust and support.

  • Children's culture and life skills are enhanced by learning about the world around them.

Children, Education and Care.

  • A strong sense of identity and wellbeing are foundations to successful learning.

  • Children are active participants in everything we do.

  • Children develop their own learning path.

Employees and leadership

  • Maintain a positive organisational culture which facilitates cohesion and dignity.

  • Build respect through effective communication.


  • Clear and concise practices and procedures contribute directly to positive outcomes.

  • Professional standards underpin quality services.