Nikki Baker


In my role as Director, I strive to uphold the recognition and reputation MPCC has earnt over the years. I have the energy and passion to implement the expectation of our families. 


Creating the best place possible for our precious children of MPCC is fundamental, I pride myself on knowing our families and learning the unique qualities of each and every child. I am driven to ensure people are valued, secure and included, facilitating confidence and commitment to the ethos of the service.

I strive for the best possible service delivery and have high expectations of my team.

Rachel Cowell

Assistant Director
Educational Leader 


My name is Rachel, my passion is building nurturing, and positive relationships with each and every child and watching them grow and develop in to independent young learners. Knowing I have played a role in that is highly rewarding and why I love my job as an early childhood educator.

Kerri-Lee Claxton

Assistant Director

Hi, my name is Kerri-Lee.

I’ve been apart of the Mackinnon family for over 5 years and throughout this time I have gained many skills, knowledge and developed my understanding within promoting and supporting children in their early years of life.

Within my passion and experience, I strive to create an Educational, safe, engaging and nurturing environment for each child. 

Gilda Syrigos

Cheeky Monkeys 
Team Leader

My name is Gilda and I am an experienced and highly qualified Educator in the Monkey’s room.  You will see me on a part time basis 3 days a week [Tues, Wed & Thurs]. I  have over 15 years experience within the community sector.

I pride myself on providing your children with many meaningful and rich experiences that will enhance their learning and development. 

Morgyn Stacy

Team Leader- PreSchool

Hi, I’m Morgyn and I’m the Team Leader in the Preschool room.

I’ve worked in early childhood for 7 years and still very passionate!
I strongly believe in the benefits of play based curriculum's where children can be active participant’s of their own learning.
I love seeing children confident and capable and achieving goals. I am passionate about enriching children’s learning through nature play, loose parts play and nurturing environments and relationships.

Varsha Panchal

Groovy Giraffes Educator

Working with children is my passion and I believe that children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educational environment. Security and trust are very important components of my relationship with each child.

Rowena Anciano

Cheeky Monkeys- Educator 

Hi, my name is Rowena, mostly called by the littler learners as 'Wena'. I'm a qualified Educator and have been working in this industry for 8 years. I love this profession as to inspire young minds, expose them to the joys of learning and be a part of their foundations for lifelong success. I innately love music, playing my ukulele or guitar with the children. 

Soren Braybrook

Groovy Giraffes Educator


I believe having a male role model in any child's life is one of the most important aspects in supporting their development and growth. Working in an industry such as MacKinnon Parade allows me to appreciate the difference I make to each child on day to day a basis. The reward of just a simple smile from the children at the end of the day is enough to keep me on my feet, and encourages me to appreciate and continue to do what I love.

Denisa Stone

Cheeky Monkeys- Educator

Hi, my name is Denisa. 

I've been working within the Early Childhood sector for 10 years. I have a passion for inspiring a love of learning and nurturing each childs individual needs so they can develop to their full potential. 

I believe allowing the children to explore their world in a safe and secure environment they can build a strong, trusting bond with their educator. 

Daoqoing Xiong

Centre Educator


From working in multicultural environments in Australia and China I know the importance of open-mindedness and respect for cultural differences in a nurturing and stimulating environment.

Abigail Kenfo


Renee Johansen


Rupal Khandelwal


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Paloma Rubio

Early Childhood Educator - Groovy Giraffes 

Hello I am Paloma. I am very passionate about forming strong and trusting relationships with children and families. Given my background in Psychology, I have a strong interest in children's emotional wellbeing and supporting them in emotional/social development through meaningful and respectful interactions. I also love sharing my own culture and to learn about families culture and to learn about families culture. you will often hear some Spanish music when I am around!

Kayla Mottram


Assistant Educator


I have a huge passion for working with children, I do everything I can to ensure the children feel valued, respected and supported within their service. I have a strong belief in the benefits of messy play and the inclusion of physical activity within the program. I work closely with all children to further their skills in all aspects of development.

Harpreet Sambhy

Groovy Giraffes

Team Leader 


I am a family oriented and dedicated person, I love being with children and support them  to develop to their full potential.The enthusiasm and love that I get from children is truly beautiful and I get tremendous personal gratification from doing something that I love. I help make a difference to the lives of  young children.

Parmjeet Kaur

Team Leader- Crawling Caterpillars

Hi, my name is Parmjeet. 

I have a great passion for working and building relationships with young children. I found throughout my years in the industry that children bring out the absolute best in me.

I believe that as an Early Childhood Educator I am responsible for providing children with positive learning and fun experiences. I strive to model respect, patience and care for children and love watching them grow into independent learners.

Mabel Tan

Early Childhood Teacher- Pre-School


Hello I'm Mabel

I am currently in the final stages of completing my bachelor degree to become a qualified Early Childhood Teacher. It will bring me joy to celebrate my graduation with the Mackinnon Community. 

Gomathi Sunrodan

Crawling Caterpillars

I believed children need the assurance of being loved and cared for while they are enjoying an educating environment. Teaching and caring for children is my passion. Security and trust are very important components of my relationship with each child.

Sheree Mottram



I am a qualified chef who's passionate about feeding the children healthy wholesome meals from many cultures around the world.

Brooke Nockolds

Cheeky Monkeys- Early Childhood Educator

Hello I'm Brooke. 

I have a huge passion for educating children in early childhood. I provide a supportive and  nurturing environment for children to take on daily challenges as they grow and learn! As an early childhood educator at Mackinnon Parade, it is my duty to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for children and their families.

Angela Barea Crespo

Educator- PreSchool

Aferdita Mollas

Early Childhood Educator


My strengths as an Educator are passion and patience. I am capable of forming close relationships with children through my enthusiasm and positive attitude.

I believe that learning should be fun for everyone.

Crestina Deeks

Cheeky Monkeys
Assistant Educator


I have been an educator at MPCC for over 20 years. I have had experience as an educator in all age groups. This has given me the opportunity to learn and grow professionally to be the best educator I can be. I am passionate about creating a home away from home environment, where children and families feel safe and secure. I believe that all children deserve the best start in life and I feel I contribute to this by providing excellent learning environments everyday.

Janet Sankey

Crawling Caterpillar Educator


There is no job more important than mine because children are at the centre of all things I do and I am the keeper of the future.

Thi My My Cao


Sunetra Karandikar


Emma Luxton


Erin Kenny


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