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Our educators are passionate, driven and empowered with a willingness to go above and beyond to support children and families in their early education journey.  Our team understand and work within all frameworks that underpin a quality service, and do so with warmth, empathy, humility, and reflection. We continuously strive for excellence in early childhood education. We are a community of learners, guided by reflective practice and share our knowledge and skills in order to provide a high-quality early learning service to our community. - Mackinnon Parade Children's Centre philosophy

Educators’ professional judgements are central to their active role in facilitating children’s learning, development and wellbeing. Educators draw upon different theories, world views, knowledge and perspectives including developmental, socio-cultural and practice theories, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, to inform their approaches and practices to promote children’s learning, wellbeing and development (Early Years Learning Framework; Framework for School Age Care).

Educators continually seek ways to build their knowledge and skills and develop professional learning communities. Educators evaluate and critically reflect on the effectiveness of their planning and implementation of curriculum for children’s learning, wellbeing and development. Together as a team and with the involvement of children and families, educators establish a robust culture of critical reflection (Early Years Learning Framework; Framework for School Age Care). 

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