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Our Centre


Mackinnon Parade Children’s Centre Inc. has a long history of community involvement. Initially, it was established in the mid-twentieth century by the University of Adelaide as a child care facility used by staff and students. Later, access was made available to the staff of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.


In 1986 the focus changed and the centre became available to the general community. That year, the building was purchased with funds provided by Government departments and we began operation as a community-based children’s centre.


Play based learning environments nestled amongst beautiful 
heritage features of our homely building and large- nature inspired outdoor play spaces


Our chef creates nutritious, fresh and delicious meals each day inspired by all different cultures! All meals are provided by the Centre throughout the day inclusive to all dietary and allergy needs.


Community based service surrounded by the beautiful parklands of North Adelaide. Excursions to the parks are a regular outing for all of our rooms!


Our centre provides the following to ensure your child is safe and nurtured during each day;

Food and drink, nappies, sunscreen & hats and many endless opportunities of learning & fun!

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