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Policies & documentation


Below are a number of useful digital downloads including forms, information and policies.

Feel free to contact us for additional information not listed here.


Our centre is run in accordance with all relevant procedures and policies to ensure all families, children and staff remain in a happy, healthy and safe environment.

The following policies are available for download:

Our full list of current policies cover numerous areas:

Quality Area 1- Educational Program and Practice

1.1:     Educational Program and Practice

1.2:     Educational Program and Practice Review procedure

1.2.a:  Educational Program and Practice - Room review checklist

1.3:     Program cycle procedure

1.4      Program requirements guide - for Educators

1.5      Celebrations

1.6      Multicultural

Quality Area 2 – Children’s Health and Safety

2.1      Administration of Medication

2.2      Bottle Feeding and Preparation

2.3      Child Protection

2.4:     Emergency evacuation

2.5      Excursions

2.6      Food

2.7      Water Safety

2.8      Illness

2.9      Immunisation

2.10    Nappy Changing

2.10.a Nappy Changing Procedure

2.11    Hygiene control

2.12:   Incident and injury

2.13    Medical Conditions

2.14    Sun Protection

2.14.a UV levels and protection measures chart

2.15    Sleep, Rest and Relaxation for Children

2.16   Supervision

2.17   Collection and Delivery of Children

2.18   Road Safety

2.19   Physical Environment

2.20   Dental Health

2.21   Screen Time
2.22   Emergency LockDown
2.23   Extreme Weather

2.24   Covid-19 vaccination

Quality Area 3 – Physical Environment

3.1     Environmental Sustainability

3.2     Animal and Pet

Quality Area 4 – Staffing Arrangements

4.1     Code of Conduct

full set of work health and safety and Human Resource's in available on site

Quality Area 5 – Relationships with Children

5.1     Interactions with children and their families

5.2     Respect for children

5.3     Behaviour Guidance

5.4     Reconciliation Action Plan, anti bias and Inclusion

5.5     Gender Equity

Quality Area 6- Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

6.1     Enrolment and Orientation

6.2     Family Communication  

6.3     Grievances and complaints

6.4     Open Door

6.5     Non-English speaking background

6.6     Transition to school

Quality Area 7 – Governance and Leadership

7.1     Mission Statement

7.2     Philosophy

7.3     Fees

7.3.a  Fee schedule

7.4     Grievances and Complaints

7.5     Policy review

7.6     Responsible person

7.7     Quality Improvement Plan

7.8     Student and Volunteers

7.9     Professional Development and Appraisals

7.10   Procurement Policy

7.11   Recruitment and induction of employees

7.12.1     Governance Policy - Responsibilities of The Board

7.12.2     Governance Policy – Desirable attributes of the Board

7.12.3     Governance Policy – Board Member’s Induction

7.12.4     Governance Policy – Conflict of Interest

7.12.5     Governance Policy – Duties of Board Members

7.12.6     Governance Policy – Role of the MPCC Board Executive Member – chairperson

7.12.7     Governance Policy - Role of the MPCC Board Executive Member – Director

7.12.8     Governance Policy - Role of the MPCC Board Executive Member – Secretary

7.12.9     Governance Policy - Role of the MPCC Board Executive Member – Treasurer

7.12.10   Governance Policy - Role of the MPCC Board Executive Member – Public Officer

7.12.11   Governance Policy –Confidentiality

7.13    Governance

7.14    Curriculum (pedagogy) and Educators Training

7.15    Privacy and Confidentiality

Are you currently an enrolled family or on our waitlist and interested in a policy listed above?   Simply send us a quick message via our contact page with your specific requirements.

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